The Mount Shasta Gatehouse Retreat

by Aida Hinojosa

Mysterious, penetrating and deep, the sacred sound swirls through the double-chambered clay vessel and pierces the brain area between my ears. In a nanosecond my brain matter flies into activation responding to the sound, vibrating with my own breath that produced the sound in the vessel. As the whistling continues, the sound intensifies into waves of vibration. It is cosmic, universal; I’m out in space. If others are present in the Circle, our combined sounds inter-mix and web together becoming infinitely complex. It is not music, but pure sound. Sound that bridges other dimensions, perhaps reaching Universal Mind, perhaps reaching into the inner confines of our own minds. At some point the “confine” breaks and the mind goes free.

Like so many of my fellow practitioners in the Sacred, I have been working with Sound as an inter-dimensional bridge. I have used my voice, drums, rattles to create receptive mind states, but not until I experienced the mysterious vessels did something equally mysterious leap forward in me—a shift in my assemblage point, a shift from linear state to circular in no time at all.

I experienced my first vessel in 1993 when a flautist friend from Santa Fe brought two, and we blew them in my lodge one night. The sound penetrated my brain immediately, transporting me beyond ordinary reality. Charged with enthusiasm, I asked where I might obtain at least one.

“These are hard to get,” she said. “I made my own with the help of a friend who had the molds, but he no longer makes them.”

It had taken her a year of painstaking work to make hers, so the possibility for me was practically nil. Still, I prayed to the Creator for at least one vessel to help me in my lodge work.

In 1995 I stumbled across a Web page put out by Don Wright of La Selva Beach, California, taking orders for sets of eight Peruvian Whistling Vessels. I called him, set up a meeting where we played some and, convinced, I ordered a set. After a considerable wait, for Don had many orders before me, I finally received them, little Peruvian gods in a box. Beautifully constructed and burnished, the vessels have become beautiful allies helping my clients and me to link up with divine vibration.

Through this vibration, the ancient Peruvians used them to access higher worlds. When invaded by Spain in 1532, the Peruvians hid them, keeping them secret for centuries to come. Later, archaeologists were hard-pressed to define their purpose as the vessels ended up in museums described as water bottles. It was Daniel Statnekov who rediscovered them in 1972, wrote about them, and Don Wright who began making them from molds in 1980. (408) 688-7301.

If you wish to set up a SACRED CIRCLE OF SOUND in your area with the vessels, call me at (530) 926-5752. I also have four workshops scheduled in Mount Shasta this summer which will utilize the vessels.

"Curanderismo is the ancient healing practice
  of retrieving and restoring the soul to a
    dis-eased individual and regaining
    Balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit."