The Mount Shasta Gatehouse Retreat


You have always been my mentor, my light when I was lost and lacking hope. I love you like the big sister I never had. You have inspired me and helped me when I needed nurturing and kindness. Be good to your self! The song infinite love on my Demo CD was written and dedicated to you- Love Jamie Sams in New Mexico
Thankyou for extending your heart and home to me on my journey. I bless you and recognise in you a great leader and treacher of transformation and higher consciousness. May our paths cross again and joy, ectasy and bliss always be yours to share-Namaste Kris in Vancouver
Thank you so much for the blessed sweat ceremony. I feel so blessed and touched. I feel my old self again. Diveena in Hawaii
Aida you have no idea how much you have helped me!! I'm going to find my spirit and she's going to remind me of who I am. Take care.- Debbie in Stockton
We deeply appreciate having sanctuary to always retreat to in the midst of all the worldly chaos. Thank you for providing refuge for us- Ron and Gloria in Berkely
Thank you for the amazing reading. I bless you and miss you and our sacred connection in the sweat lodge. Seaera in Dallas

After having my reading with Aida I felt better centred in my present situation and ready to prioritize the changes I needed to make. I kept her words in mind daily and found the courage to communicate some important things to my partner and steer our relationship in a more positive direction. I guessI'd been waiting for someone who knew what they were doing to take charge of my life, but Aida helped me see I was the best person for the job and where I could startThanks so much!- Cat in Oregon